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Compare the Most Popular Types of Replacement Windows in Kansas City

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Kansas City Homeowner’s Guide to Replacement Window Materials

When homeowners in Kansas City need replacement windows, it can be challenging to choose between wood, fiberglass, or vinyl. Few people even know much about the different types of windows.

Zen Windows Kansas City understands, and we want to help. We hate the hard sell, but we love sharing our knowledge so customers can make an informed, pressure-free decision.

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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Wood, Fiberglass, and Vinyl Windows

Wood Windows

Although wood windows are beautiful and add warmth and charm to a home, they’re also costly and high-maintenance.

Wood windows:

  • Expand and contract with the weather, making them drafty or difficult to open.
  • Warp, rot, and are vulnerable to insect infestation.
  • Are much less energy-efficient than other options.
  • Require extensive upkeep
  • Are much more expensive than other options — both initially and over time.

Ultimately, Zen Windows Kansas City doesn’t recommend wood windows. There are modern, lookalike options that are less prone to damage and less expensive.

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Fiberglass Windows

A row of fiberglass windows along the back side of a homeFiberglass is a great material for new or replacement windows.

Pros: Fiberglass windows

  • Can mimic the look of wood while being much less expensive.
  • Are strong and durable; they can withstand giant hail and your kid’s fastball.
  • Are completely weather- and waterproof, meaning they’ll never rot, mold, become brittle and break, swell, shrink, or sag, which means they won’t stick and their tight seal will hold.
  • Have better energy efficiency than wood or vinyl.
  • Don’t need to be painted and sealed like wood.

Cons: Fiberglass windows

  • Offer fewer customizable options than vinyl.
  • Will fade and require paint unless powder-coated for protection against UV rays.
  • Must be fastened with screws instead of fusion-welded like vinyl, which makes joints less water- and airtight than vinyl.

Although fiberglass windows are an excellent choice to replace wood windows, they aren’t necessarily superior to high-quality vinyl.

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Low-Quality Vinyl Windows

Not all vinyl windows are created alike. Lower-quality vinyl windows made from recycled vinyl have a cheap, plasticky look. The only notable pro for these windows is their low cost.

Cons: Low-quality vinyl windows

  • Are the least energy-efficient.
  • Chalk and fade over time.
  • Tend to decrease a home’s value.

Although these windows are made from recycled vinyl, that environmental plus is more than outweighed by all the energy they waste, which also detracts from the initial savings.

High-Quality Vinyl Windows

New windows on a faux-stucco homePure vinyl windows offer high performance with many advantages.

Pros: High-quality vinyl windows

  • Are energy-efficient, keeping in conditioned air and lowering costs.
  • Can mimic the look of wood and are available in many different colors and looks.
  • Are wind- and waterproof, don’t scratch, and never have to be sealed or stained.
  • Cost less than either fiberglass or wood.
  • Are more durable than wood and will never rot, rust, or corrode.
  • Are available in many styles and sizes.
  • Can be custom-designed, making them more versatile than fiberglass.

Cons: High-quality vinyl windows

  • Expand and contract in the heat and cold, impacting their seal and structural integrity.
  • Can’t be painted, so you’re stuck with the initial color you choose (but there are so many choices, that’s unlikely to be a problem).

Overall, vinyl windows are attractive, affordable, and low-maintenance.

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Wood vs. Fiberglass vs. Vinyl Windows

Vinyl and fiberglass may be preferable to wood, but choosing between fiberglass and vinyl is up to the individual and their window replacement goals.

You may already know the best choice for you. If not, the friendly team at Zen Windows Kansas City would be glad to discuss your likes and dislikes, your needs, and your budget. We can figure out the right choice together, or lay out the options so you can choose later.

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No matter the type of windows, if you choose to have modern windows installed by the experts at Zen Windows Kansas City, you’ll get an excellent return on your investment. Quality windows increase home values.

They also make daily life more pleasant for homeowners — aesthetically, practically, and financially. In fact, your new windows may qualify you for state energy efficiency incentives and extended federal tax credits.

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