Special Shape Window Installation & Replacement in Kansas City

If all windows conformed to standard shapes, the architectural world would be a boring niche indeed. Special shape windows can add a unique, quirky look to your home. They’re the maestros of curb appeal, creating a statement that’s impossible to ignore. Zen Windows Kansas City thinks you should be able to enjoy true design freedom, so we offer all the shapes you could wish for.

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What Are Special Shape Windows?

Special shape windows are also known as geometric windows. As their name suggests, they’re any shape that doesn’t conform to square or rectangular dimensions. Round pivot windows add an art deco edge while building an extra light source into your facade, while bay windows add dimension to clean architectural lines. Gothic windows add drama, while triangle shapes bring a touch of geometric splendor to trendy aesthetics. There are shapes for every personality, from hexagons and octagons to transoms and trapezoids. Some are fully functional, while others are fixed and act purely as visual additions. All shapes can provide extra natural light, but don’t neglect stained glass, which can make a dramatic, colorful statement.

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The Benefits of Special Shape Windows in Kansas City

Kansas City is famous for its architectural diversity. Its brownstone towers and Renaissance revival buildings add a unique edge to the inner city. Lavish art deco buildings are popular, so many local homes and apartment blocks boast circular and geometric windows. Frank Lloyd Wright has added his famous architecture to the area, so stained-glass windows are the perfect way to salute his legacy. In all these examples, special shape windows offer several important benefits:

  • They add natural light to a building’s interior. Since they can be designed in any shape, they can brighten difficult areas like hallways, basements, and corridors.
  • They add color through stained glass options.
  • They create more versatility than rectangular windows can achieve. They can also be installed on their own or combined with traditional shapes.
  • They improve energy efficiency by letting in natural light without creating an extra opening.
  • They boost property values through added curb appeal.

Building Features Into Your Choice

Zen Windows Kansas City provides a range of add-on features like:

  • Low-emissivity glass, which reduces the infrared and UV light that filters through your windows. This will keep your finishes and furnishings at their best without drying out your valuable wooden surfaces.
  • Tints to add privacy, UV resistance, and color value to your home. Metalized, dyed, or ceramic tints can add to the aesthetics of your architecture without marring visibility.
  • Grid patterns will spruce up your windows with a stylish colonial, prairie, or drop grid that adds a charming accent.

Through us, you can finally achieve a façade that’s as unique as you are. Call us at 913-599-8282.

Order Special Shape Windows in Kansas City

Give your home the custom look it deserves through our range of shapes, materials, and glass styles. Our structure assures you of an anxiety-free, easy experience. We keep you in the driver’s seat so that you can make your choices without sales pressure. We offer accurate quotes: The price you’re cited is the price you pay. We don’t require down payments and are ever mindful of our product and workmanship quality. That’s why we can safely provide you with a lifetime warranty despite our pocket-friendly prices. We have faith in your skills and materials, and so can you.

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