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Round-Top Window Installation & Replacement in Kansas City

Installing round-top windows in your home can add style, light, and air to any room. At Zen Windows Kansas City, we design, install, and replace all types and sizes of round-top windows. Whether you are shopping for arched case windows or it’s time for a circle-top window replacement, you can count on us for excellent service, optimal quality, and turnkey round-top window solutions in Kansas City.

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Different Types of Round-Top Windows

Round-top windows come in a range of sizes, styles, and types. While sizes can be customized to fit your space and styles vary across different manufacturers, some of the most common types of round-top windows include:

  • Fixed-arch windows: These are often used for style and decorative purposes. They’re often set above other windows, such as picture windows, to create a grander effect. They don’t open but still add light and can be weatherproofed.
  • Single-hung arch windows: These have one operating sash, typically the bottom.
  • Double-hung arch windows: These have two operating sashes, meaning they can open from either the top or the bottom.
  • Arch casement windows: These have side operating sashes, allowing them to open from the left side, the right side, or both.

Benefits of Round-Top Windows

Round-top windows are a great choice for:

  • Adding style and charm to your home
  • Front-facing walls or sides of buildings
  • Bringing brightness, ventilation, and openness to a room

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