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How can new windows help you sell your home?

New windows can make a remarkable difference when selling your home. With over 20 years in the window business we at Zen Windows have discovered many benefits when homeowners take this significant step.

On average, homeowners move every five years. At each sale, homeowners must make critical decisions about which improvements to make prior to putting their house on the market. New replacement windows are one of the most important ways a seller can benefit from these improvements.

Curb Appeal – New windows genuinely attract buyers. Replacement vinyl windows greatly enhance the exterior of your home and this entices potential buyers to your location.

Energy Savings – Potential buyers realize how expensive heating/cooling costs have become. New windows are a true financial benefit and can lower these energy costs. This adds another strong point of negotiation when selling your home.

Security – New replacement windows provide added security to your home. This creates a “family-friendly” advantage.

Simplify – Potential buyers are relieved when homeowners have taken the step to replace windows. It removes the often daunting decision, timing and budgeting from their hands.

Exclusivity – New replacement windows separate your home from the rest of the homes for sale. With the large inventory of homes on the market today, new replacement windows add an outstanding leverage advantage.

With all these advantages, it’s easy to understand why so many homeowners make the decision to install new replacement windows before they sell their home. It’s a win – every time.

You can rely on the expertise and superior service that Zen Windows offers. We can confidently say that we have taken the fear out of purchasing new windows.

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