Are your windows giving you the cold shoulder?

How do I know when it is time to replace my current windows?

Many homeowners are realizing the importance of new windows due to fuel increases and the tax incentives provided by the government. Here are some tips to help you determine if you need new replacement windows and how to find the best replacement windows for your home?

First consider, are your replacement windows giving you the cold shoulder? On a cold day, place your hand on the pane of glass on your window. Is it warm like your home or cold like the outdoors? This is a very easy and quick indicator that the current windows may not be functioning as the best replacement windows for your home.

Now touch the window frame. Once again, is this frame the same temperature as your home or is it cold like the temperature outdoors?

If these panes/frames are cool or cold, they are not functioning properly and a great deal of heat is escaping outside your home. The best replacement windows reflect heat from the furnace back into your home.

Try this next step carefully, light a match and move it around your window. Does the flame flicker? Does it blow out? If so, you have air infiltration and you are experiencing a great deal of heating and cooling loss. Installing the best replacement windows from Zen Windows can save you thousands of dollars by providing you with energy efficiencies over the years.

OK, now take a hammer and hit the glass. Enough said on that one.

Another indicator that you need replacement windows is the appearance of the glass. Is the glass foggy? Most likely this has been caused by seal failure and infiltration by cold air is imminent. The best replacement windows are made for optimum energy efficiencies.

Finally, try to open and close your windows with a single finger on each hand. Windows need to be easily operable to provide proper ventilation and security for you and your family. Inoperable windows can be a hindrance for several reasons like endangering an exit in the unlikely event of a fire in your home, and poor air quality due to exposure to mold, mildew and allergens.

Replacement windows also provide a beautiful updated look to your home and enhance its value. Best of all, if you take advantage of the federal government tax incentives available through 2010, your return on investment should be 3-5 years. Call Zen Windows to discuss the best replacement windows for your home.