Why Choose a Vinyl Replacement Window?

As in any industry, as time goes on, the evolutionally process of the product usually changes dramatically. Let’s look at the vinyl replacement window industry. For hundreds of years, windows were made out of wood. Aesthetically, wood offered a very nice appearance and was readily available to craftsmen. However, over time people found that exposure to the elements – rain, wind, snow, etc. – would wear down the window, and they would soon need to replace their windows. In the early 1900s, these antiquated window construction methods began to be replaced with steel constructed windows. The benefit was that steel is a material that does not corrode over time and can withstand the elements. However, a steel replacement window, although relatively maintenance-free, transfers heat and cold, making the home much warmer in the summer and much colder in the winter. Steel windows were also very cumbersome to install due to their weight. To combat the hindrance of having such a heavy replacement window and still maintain the maintenance-free benefits of the steel windows, aluminum was introduced. A whole new generation of replacement windows began to be manufactured with aluminum instead of steel due to the decrease in weight and cost. Although the aluminum replacement window could withstand the elements of nature, weighed much less and was more economical than its predecessor, it did not contribute to making the home more energy efficient. This left an opportunity open for advancements in the replacement window industry with a new superstar material, vinyl.

Marking a new era in the early 1960’s, Thermal Industries created the first vinyl replacement window. With the advent of vinyl being used for replacement windows, homeowners were able to get a replacement window that was not only energy efficient but also able to withstand all of nature’s elements. Over the next 50 years, vinyl windows evolved not only in window functional aspects and framing structure but began to take on many new window features. Today homeowners can get vinyl replacement windows installed in various colors, shapes, and sizes along with other options such as wood interiors and premier glass packages like LoE glass and Argon gas. Vinyl replacement windows have become such a popular choice that millions of them are installed annually in homes that range from small ranches to multi-million-dollar mansions.