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See What Our Customers Are Saying About Zen Windows Kansas City

Doreen Susi

I want to thank you again for the beautiful windows and for making this experience so easy. I hate to repeat what your other clients stated in the testimonials reflected on your website, but I agree with every single one of them and highly recommend your company for any skeptics out there trying to make decisions on windows. As you know, I worked with you online and through email in getting new windows on my home after my mother recently passed. We are renovating the entire house, and replacing 14 windows was on the top of my list. You and your entire staff/ installers provided outstanding customer service with top of the line quality product and installation. As we discussed, I am somewhat of a perfectionist with extremely high expectations (so my staff tells me) so I was a bit...

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Lucille Caplan

"My window installation experience with Zen Windows was superb not only from start to finish, but also for years to follow. Selecting my replacement windows and storm doors, and scheduling installation, were exactly as promised: uncomplicated, easy, and very reassuring. My window installation was done while I was away, and I returned to a home that showed no sign whatsoever of the major work that had been done, EXCEPT for the gorgeous new products that filled my window spaces. Since this window installation, my house has set the standard for my neighborhood. The elegant simplicity and incredibly lovely color match achieved for me, under Zen's guidance, have transformed the look of my house. And when I tell people how incredibly affordable the project was, they are incredulous!"

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Victoria Wise

I just wanted to give you some feed back about my "replacement window" experience. Many years ago, I read a book: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Value by Robert Pirsig. It explored the metaphysics of quality. I hope that the name of your company is related. I had a long list of replacement window companies which I narrowed to six companies. One didn't show up or ever call back after I left a message to reschedule. One did give me a written quote based on my measurements, after he cancelled our appointment---unheard of at any other window companies. Another used sales techniques insulting to any thinking person and followed up with a letter offering an additional 5% off their last window quote. Two would have been good replacement windows; they had good salesmen and fair...

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