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Zen Windows Kansas City has made shopping for replacement windows in the greater Kansas City area easier than it has ever been.

We don’t use the same tactics you’ll find at other window retailers. That means you won’t have to worry about pushy salesmen or a lengthy presentation featuring products you don’t need. Plus, Zen Windows Kansas City offers fast, free quotes online and never asks for a deposit. With our window replacement company, you’ll have a locked-in price and won’t pay a cent until your new windows have been installed.

The benefits of choosing Zen Windows Kansas City as your local window supplier don’t end there. We only install products of the highest quality, and we offer a variety of window types and styles to make sure you get exactly what you need.

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Replacement Windows From Zen Windows Kansas City

We pride ourselves on the ability to offer our customers different products, so they can find the perfect replacement windows for their home. When you’re looking for window replacement types, select from the following:

  • Double-hung: One of the most popular types of home windows, the double-hung offers two movable sashes that make opening and closing as well as cleaning a breeze.
  • Slider: When you want to make the most out of an area that doesn’t offer much space, a slider window is a great option. You’ll get a large glass area that is easy to operate in one modern replacement window.
  • Casement: Casement windows make getting some fresh air as easy as turning a crank. They are hinged at the side so that when opened, they offer a full, uninterrupted view or source of ventilation.
  • Bay windows: These classic styles of windows are built into an area that protrudes from your home and lend a Victorian-era feel. They consist of three sections of glass, whereas the similarly styled bow window contains four or more panes.
  • Bow windows: Bow windows are loved for the added light and ventilation they provide and their style and ability to house a window seat or accent furniture.
  • Awning: A versatile model, awning windows open while hinged at the top, meaning they allow for ventilation — even in inclement weather. These small replacement windows are great options for basements or first-floor bathrooms.
  • Hopper: The hopper, or “inverted awning” window, is hinged at the bottom and opens inward, making it great for any basement or lower level that needs extra light or ventilation.
  • Picture: Unlike its counterparts on the list, a picture window isn’t operational, which means it doesn’t open or close. A picture window makes for a great feature in a living area or alongside smaller functional windows so you get the most out of your space.
  • Round-top: Installing round-top windows in your home can add style, light, and air to any room. Round-top windows come in a range of sizes, styles, and types.
  • Special shape windows: Special shape windows are also known as geometric windows. As their name suggests, they’re any shape that doesn’t conform to square or rectangular dimensions.

Do you have a question regarding our different types of windows? Our window replacement specialists in Kansas City can help you decide which type of window is best for you. Contact us online today.

Custom Window Styles & Options

In addition to the different types of windows we offer, Zen Windows Kansas City also provides various grid styles and colors and woodgrain options, so you can truly customize the look of your windows.

Our Lines of Replacement Windows

Each line of windows we offer was designed with one thing in mind: customer satisfaction. At Zen Windows Kansas City, we know that all homeowners have different budgets, visions, personal tastes, and more.

That’s why we have three different types of windows you can install in your home that will cater to your needs. Don’t spend money on features you don’t need or lose out on the energy-efficient options that come with a higher-end window. Choose from one of our replacement window types, including:

  • Karma: Our base-level double-pane window combines efficiency and practicality in one sleek package.
  • Nirvana:  The Nirvana offers everything the Karma does but also includes additional features like foam-filled frames, stainless steel reinforcement, double strength glass, and a heavy-duty vent lock for maximum efficiency.
  • Lotus: This triple-pane window is our most energy-efficient model that is also reinforced with fiberglass to ensure maximum security.

Vinyl Replacement Windows in Kansas City, KS & MO

Most of our Kansas City homes were built before 1940. Because average windows last only about 20 years, your historic home may be on its third or even fourth set of replacement windows. But because vinyl windows are ultra-durable and because Zen Windows Kansas City offers a lifetime warranty, your set of Zen windows might be the last ones you need to purchase.

Vinyl windows are the best choice for energy-efficient, affordable window replacements. But don’t worry: You’ll never compromise quality for price with Zen Windows Kansas City.

Find out about the no-hassle customer care experience you’ve heard about. Call 913-599-8282 or contact Zen Windows Kansas City.

5 Reasons To Choose Vinyl Replacement Windows in Kansas City

Vinyl is an excellent choice for new or replacement windows. The advantages of this technologically sound material are:

  1. Appearance: Our sturdy replacement vinyl windows have a sleek, upscale appearance no matter which type you choose. Select from a variety of architectural styles, colors, woodgrains, and customizations.
  2. Energy efficiency: Window-based energy loss could make Jackson and Wyandotte counties’ home heating/cooling bills 10% to 25% higher.
  3. Maintenance: Soap and water are all you need for tracks and casements.
  4. ROI: Your return on investment could be as much as 77.5% of your cost. Extended federal tax credits and potential state incentives for energy efficiency make your Zen Windows project a financial winner! Vinyl replacement Zen Windows sell homes.
  5. Security: Zen Windows open easily from the inside. (They are nearly impossible to open from the outside.)

The best time for your home improvement project is when you’re ready. No pressure. Call 913-599-8282 or contact Zen Windows Kansas City.

Choose Zen Windows Kansas City for Window Replacement Services

Along with our vast replacement window selection, Zen Windows Kansas City also offers a lifetime warranty on all windows sold. And when we say lifetime, we mean it.

As long as your house is still standing, you’ll never have to purchase another set of windows. That’s the Zen Windows guarantee.

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