Why should you replace your entry door when you replace your windows?

Many consumers today have resorted to replacing their windows, not just for aesthetic reasons but also to save on their heating bills and to facilitate home value with the sale of their homes. After replacing their windows, many homeowners are not fully satisfied with overall energy savings; the windows may have great curb appeal, but often the heat loss of the home has not been dramatically affected. Many times this does not have anything to do with the quality of the window that was installed or the installation process. Many homeowners get caught up in the details of the actual window itself.

Questions that may arise are:

  • Is the window a solid vinyl construction?
  • Is it fusion-welded?
  • Are the frame structures I-beam construction?
  • Does the window have a weeped sill? Balance covers? Etc.

Further, consumers question whether the window will have warm – edge technology, Lo-e glass, argon gas and an overall insulating glass package that will deliver a good R-value rating.

So assuming that the new replacement windows consist of all of these integral parts and the windows has been installed perfectly, why are consumers so unhappy with the minimal change in their heating/cooling costs? The answer lies in the largest opening in most homes: the front entry door.

What many homeowners don’t realize is that when all the openings in their home have been properly sealed with new vinyl energy efficient windows, the warm or cold air will immediately rush towards the least insulated part of their home – their front door. Therefore, when discussing a window project with a window company, the front entry door system should be of key importance. Don’t just think about windows for energy savings. Think windows AND doors for total coverage.

An insulated steel entry door system is crucial to accomplish the needs of today’s homeowner. High-energy saving performance doors that offer security and beauty are readily available and affordable in today’s market. A steel gauge door with compression weather stripping, an adjustable oak threshold and unique glasslite design is not only economical but essential – if the root of the project is to improve energy efficiency and facilitate the sale of your home.

Remember to think windows and doors when considering your window project. Your front entry door could be something that you will want to discuss with your window and door company since this opening can be a major culprit in heating and cooling efficiencies. This will lead to greater satisfaction and will certainly improve your expectations when the project is completed.