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LoE3 366 Glass Window Installation & Replacement in Kansas City

The glass industry’s newest, energy-efficient technology for window and door glass is now available from Zen Windows Kansas City. We are proud to offer LoE3 366 glass (low-E glass), a revolutionary new glass coating option that provides the highest standard of year-round climate control.

Whenever our customers upgrade to this new product, they will automatically qualify to receive the NEAT® self-cleaning glass option at no additional cost. Whether you are in the market for new LoE3 366 glass windows or it’s time for a window replacement, the experts at Zen Windows Kansas City can help! We are proud to provide unmatched service and solutions to people across Kansas City, and we look forward to helping you with all of your window needs.

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What Are the Benefits of LoE3 366 Glass?

With exceptional ratings as performance glass, low-E glass is an excellent option for any style of home. It contains three layers of silver oxide, making it effective at controlling indoor temperatures and humidity levels. Additional benefits of low-E glass include that it:

  • Minimizes reflection
  • Maximizes visible light transmittance
  • Reduces damaging UV rays and solar heat gain
  • Improves indoor comfort
  • Offers fade protection
  • Promotes a healthier living environment
  • Reduces heating and cooling costs

This combination of features allows low-E glass windows to provide far more value in the long run, especially when it comes to reliable comfort and saving costs with lower energy bills.

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Does LoE3 366 Glass Look Different?

Typically, low-E glass looks exactly the same as glass without the low-E coating because the coating is completely transparent and extremely thin. This means that a low-E coating won’t impede visibility.

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