What are the benefits of home replacement windows?

Vinyl home replacement windows first became a hot issue in the 1960s. The reasons were mostly related to window maintenance and aesthetics. Little did they know at the time that this replacement window issue would continue to grow at a steady pace. The evolution of the vinyl window finally gave homeowners the ability to have a custom-built replacement window installed into their home. In its infancy stages, the replacement window was made of vinyl-extruded products that were assembled by hand and usually screwed together in the corners. This mechanically fastened window proved to be a popular choice for homeowners due to its aesthetic and maintenance-free appeal. Over the years, a process called fusion welding became well-known, and the mechanically fastened window quickly depreciated, becoming an inferior product. Although still sold in today’s marketplace, the mechanically fastened window was quickly viewed as antiquated compared to the new fusion-welded residential home replacement window. As opposed to mechanically fastening the main frames and sashes, fusion welding created no error for cracking or breaking at the seams.

Since the creation of the vinyl home replacement window, the process of creating vinyl has also had its major times of change. In the beginning, as continued today, vinyl was made with a standard petroleum product but infused with such impurities as glass, PVC pipes and milk bottles. Over the years, such a product would fade in color, chalk, warp, and corrode over time. Today’s marketplace offers homeowners “pure virgin” vinyl extrusion in this expanding window manufacturing process. This means that the window is completely virgin vinyl with no impurities added whatsoever. If produced correctly, this type of replacement window for your home should last the lifetime with proper installation. Home replacement windows, if manufactured properly and installed by a professional window installer, should not only improve the value of your home, give it better curb appeal, and increase energy efficiency and safety, but they should also look and function the same as the day they were installed. Year after year, replacing windows is consistently among the first of homeowners’ choices when making home improvements. It is a project that should be done once and only once to your home and should be done in a quick and seamless manner.