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Idea Gallery: Casement Windows

Would you like to add versatile, beautiful windows to your home without compromising on energy efficiency or adding a lot of work to your home maintenance checklist? Casement windows are an excellent way to add something fresh and unique to any room without compromising basic functionality or creating more work for yourself.

Zen Windows Kansas City offers a variety of casement windows to suit any homeowner’s needs, desires, and constraints. Our expert design and installation teams will work with you from the first step through the last to ensure your casement windows are exactly what you hoped they would be.

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What Are Casement Windows?

Casement windows are windows that operate with a side hinge, opening outward like a door. This design makes them a great way to open a room up and let the air flow in when the weather is nice while still effectively sealing out the elements when the weather turns nasty and you need efficiency.

Casement windows can be arranged in several different styles; a singular casement window is not unlike a traditional single- or double-hung window but can open wider when needed. Pair two casement windows with their hinges on opposite sides (often called French casement windows), and you can open both at once for truly unobstructed access to the outdoors.

Why Do Homeowners Love Casement Windows?

Casement windows are popular for any number of reasons, but the most common reasons they’re chosen over alternatives are that they offer:

  • Exceptional control over ventilation: Being able to choose between opening your window a tiny sliver and having the entire window opening become a hole for ventilation is a great boon if you like getting air through on a nice day.
  • A great view of the outdoors: By their nature, most casement windows offer a good view of the outdoors even when they’re closed — and of course, you can’t compete with their potential for watching your kids or enjoying the scenery when they’re open.
  • Beautiful, simple aesthetic: Casement windows look wonderful without drawing too much attention to themselves unless you design for an attention-grabbing aesthetic.
  • Easy maintenance: Unlike some more ornate window designs, casement windows are easy to keep clean and operable. Inward-opening casement windows are easy to clean, inside and out, without needing to go outside.
  • Energy efficiency: Casement windows seal well against the elements, meaning you won’t have to worry about energy bills going up because of them.

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Our Casement Window Options

If you’re getting excited about the potential of casement windows, the next step is to consider what Zen Windows can offer; after all, there’s a lot of customization to be considered on even a budget design. We offer three broad lines of window design, from which you’ll customize further:

  • Karma: Our base double-pane model with a three-point locking system and a flush handle.
  • Nirvana: The Nirvana line is a step up from the Karma line with similar features improved for increased operation and efficiency.
  • Lotus: Our most efficient, highest-quality line of casement windows, Lotus windows are triple-paned and reinforced with fiberglass for enhanced climate control and security.

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