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Fiberglass Windows

Zen Windows Kansas City offers top-rated window installation and the most energy-efficient windows and doors in the Midwest. Thanks to modern technology, there are many window and door materials available that look terrific and are affordable, but Zen Windows Kansas City products have a lifetime guarantee, so you know they’ll function well for life. You won’t find that with other companies because the quality and integrity of our products are superior, especially our fiberglass replacement windows.

A window replacement can increase your property value and deliver as much as a 60% to 90% return on investment. When you factor in the monthly savings on your energy bill, replacement windows are one of the best home improvements you can make.

You can expect most windows to last about 20 years, but Zen Windows’ vinyl and fiberglass window replacement windows can last 40+ years.

Window replacement has never been easier or more affordable. But don’t let money stop you from having the security and comfort you deserve. Zen Windows offers flexible financing options. Call 913-538-4144 or contact Zen Windows Kansas City, and we’ll provide your hassle-free quote.

Why Fiberglass Windows?

Nothing compares with the feel and beauty of wood. But today’s active homeowners don’t have the time nor the inclination to provide the maintenance wood requires. And wood windows cost almost double what you’d pay for easy-maintenance, durable fiberglass.

The only negative to fiberglass replacement windows is they aren’t DIY installations. It requires some experience and professional skill to install fiberglass windows, so they are rarely available over the counter.

The biggest advantage is that fiberglass is recyclable. Other points in fiberglass’ favor include:

  • Maintenance: Fiberglass windows are low-maintenance. There is no need to care for demanding wood frames: A sponge, soap, and water for occasional cleaning will do just fine.
  • Sealing and energy efficiency: Fiberglass frames and their glass panes expand and contract at the same rate. This means they lose less energy, and the seals are less vulnerable.
  • Strength and durability: It’s tough to beat fiberglass, with a longer life span than most other window materials.

Our fiberglass replacement windows are available in a wide range of customization options:

  • Colors
  • Grid styles
  • Single-, double-, or triple-pane low-E glass
  • Woodgrain options

If you’re considering putting your home on the market this year or next, learn how windows sell homes. Call 913-538-4144 or contact Zen Windows Kansas City to learn more.

Simple and Accurate Quotes

Replacement Windows Installation: Why Choose Zen Windows Kansas City?

We have windows and doors that deliver outstanding service and great prices. But our customer care and no-hassle quotes are the Zen Windows difference you’ve heard about!

  • 100% accurate quotes – We can give you an estimate for your replacement windows over the phone. There will never be any mandatory home visits, upsells, or pressure to “do it now before prices increase…” Zen Windows Kansas City believes the right time for your replacement windows project is when you’re ready.
  • No down payment – You won’t pay anything until your project is complete. Our reputation is important to us; that’s why we guarantee quality and workmanship. Zen Windows Kansas City is your top choice for door and window replacements.
  • No surprises – The only way the cost of your replacement windows and doors project will change is if you request a change.

What’s your style? Zen Windows replacement windows work with any architecture and can become focal points for your home. Call 913-538-4144 or contact Zen Windows Kansas City today.

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