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What Makes Replacement Windows Energy-Efficient?

Modern quality windows are designed to keep the wind, rain, sleet and snow of a winter day on the outside, and the warmth of the house on the inside. These replacement windows are designed to keep out the heat of the midday summer sun, while letting in light and giving us a view of our outside world. In short, today’s replacement windows need to be as energy-efficient as possible while giving us all the benefits of a window to the outside world.

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Why Choose Zen Windows Kansas for Energy-Efficient Windows

Many things go into making an energy-efficient window. The materials used, the design of the product, and the process of manufacturing all play key roles in creating a replacement window that will save homeowners thousands of dollars in gas and electric bills over the life of the quality product.

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What Makes a Window Energy-Efficient?

Replacement windows that are highly energy-efficient use materials designed to transfer as little heat as possible. This reduction of heat transfer helps keep the heat inside in the winter, and keeps it outside in the summer. A double glazed glass pack with either a PPG Intercept spacer or a foam Super Spacer between the two pieces of glass keeps the transfer of heat to a minimum. The glass in a modern energy-efficient replacement window is treated with a low emissivity coating, which reflects heat in the form of infrared light while allowing visible light through.

Energy-efficient window frames and sashes are also built with material that is designed to limit heat transfer, with one of the most efficient building materials being vinyl.

Modern replacement windows are manufactured to seal out air and water infiltration. Highly efficient double-hung windows are designed so that sashes close snugly into pocket headers and sills, and the sashes interlock with one another at the meeting rail. The vinyl sashes in an efficient window will have rubber seals and weather strips that are designed to further seal the units.

Energy-Efficient Window Materials

In the past, wood, aluminum, and even vinyl windows were designed so that the frames and the sashes were mechanically connected with screws or nails. These joints would inevitably become weak links, and would gap to allow air and water in the home. In modern energy-efficient windows, the vinyl in the frame and the sash is fused with heat to weld the seams together. While the natural settling of a house might bend and flex an older window’s joints loose, a welded frame and sash design will withstand this movement, and will continue to be a barrier against the elements.

The design and production of windows has come a long way in a very short time. As the cost of keeping a home comfortable continues to rise, the question of whether to install energy-efficient replacement windows is becoming easier and easier to answer.

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