Casement Windows in Kansas City

Vinyl casement windowsCasement windows are versatile, energy-efficient, and maintenance-free windows that are perfect for a variety of applications. For ventilation, casement windows have a hinge on the side and crank out to open, unlike a traditional window with sashes like a double hung. This is particularly helpful when placed over kitchen countertops where opening a window requires reaching.

Casement windows are also particularly high performing in terms of energy efficiency. They allow as much or as little ventilation as desired. Our casement windows are designed for easy cleaning from inside your home. Let us help you with any of your questions regarding the Zen Windows line of casement windows.

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Advantages of Casement Windows

Homeowners in Kansas City love casement windows because they can be easily customized to fit your home. Other benefits of casement windows include:

  • A clear view of the outdoors – When casement windows swing open, they offer unobstructed views of what’s going on outside your home. This makes them a popular choice for living rooms.
  • Varying levels of ventilation – Since casement windows have a crank system, this gives homeowners complete control over ventilation.
  • Increased energy efficiency – Insulated glass will help keep your energy costs low.
  • An easy-to-clean setup – Simply open the window from inside your house to a 90-degree angle for an optimal cleaning position.
  • Customizable features – Casement windows can be customized to your taste and complement your home’s style. Choose from different colors, glass types, grids, and more.

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Our Line of Casement Window Replacement Options

  • Karma – Our base model window is a double-pane that has a three-point locking system and a flush design handle.
  • Nirvana – The Nirvana offers the same features as the Karma but includes even more like foam-filled frames.
  • Lotus – This triple-pane replacement window is the most efficient type of window we offer. It’s also reinforced with fiberglass to ensure maximum security.


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Replacement vinyl casement window

Zen Windows offers advantages that differentiate us from other Kansas City casement window installation companies. From our experienced team to our lifetime warranty and no-money-down sales approach, you can rest assured you’re receiving the best treatment possible while shopping for replacement casement windows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are casement windows energy efficient?

Yes! Our Karma casement windows provide excellent energy efficiency thanks to their double-insulating Low-E NEZ glass system, which is designed for northern climate zones. Our Nirvana casement windows feature the Low-E Plus glass system created to minimize the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that comes through your glass, which helps with energy efficiency. For premium thermal performance, our Lotus casement windows use Ultra-S glass featuring triple panes, double strength glass, and double high-performance low-E coatings.

Do casement windows have screens?

Yes. Casement windows can have screens inside their frames, so they’re easily accessible from inside the room.

How much do casement window cost?

Zen Windows offers competitive casement windows pricing in Kansas City. Your costs will depend on factors such as material, style, and product line. We’re happy to provide a custom quote — call us at 913-599-8282.

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