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Winterizing Your Windows & Doors

man and woman both holding mugs in front of large window with snow outsideWinterizing your Kansas City home’s windows and doors can save you energy, time, and money. Best of all, it’s a home maintenance task that’s fairly simple while offering a wealth of benefits!

Benefits of Winterizing Your Home’s Windows & Doors

By now, you’ve probably heard that up to 70% of energy loss in your home happens through windows and doors. If you want to ensure your family stays comfortably warm during the colder months, winterizing your home’s windows and doors is a great way to do it. Benefits include:

  • Maximum comfort for minimal cost: Caulking, plastic film insulating kits, and weatherstripping are relatively inexpensive items with a considerable return on investment.
  • Lower heating bills: The more heat you lose, the higher your monthly utility bill. Winterizing keeps your home warm and your expenses down.
  • Extend equipment life span: The harder your heater or furnace needs to work, the more strain is put on its parts. Winterizing means less stress on your heating system.

By following a few simple steps for winterizing your home, you’re sure to enjoy a more comfortable indoor climate this winter.

3 Easy Steps for Winterizing Windows & Doors

Here are our three favorite ways to winterize your house and maximize savings at a nominal cost.

  1. Interior and exterior caulking: Caulk is an inexpensive solution, with a few tubes going a long way. Though it can take some trial and error to get a good caulking technique down, it’s much easier with high-quality caulk. Polyurethane versions are considered best, as they don’t shrink, are paintable, repel dirt and dust, and adhere better.
  2. Weatherstripping: Windows and doors can benefit from weatherstripping. It’s the preferred choice for doors, as they’re constantly opened and closed no matter what the season. A slightly more expensive solution is to install storm doors, which can be effective buffers against the wind.
  3. Interior window insulation kits: This is the cheapest and easiest way to get your windows ready for winter. Just be sure to first do any required caulking and weatherstripping before applying the film to your windows.

Other winterizing measures you can try include door and window snakes, thermal window coverings, and covers on basement window wells to increase energy efficiency. For doors, installing door gaskets offers a tighter seal than weatherstripping. If your home’s windows and doors are old, outdated, or extremely drafty, you can also consider replacing them with new energy-efficient windows and doors.

When It’s Time for Window Replacement

If heat loss is critical in your Kansas City home, window replacement may be your only answer.

If these winterizing tips don’t result in any improvement to your comfort level or energy costs, talk to the pros at Zen Windows Kansas City today by contacting us online or calling (866) 602-1704.

Our wide selection of technologically advanced replacement windows and doors can provide you with EPA-recommended levels of energy efficiency and years of cozy warmth.