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Unique Window Shapes for Your Unique Style

Large round window in a modern bathroomWindows are the key to bringing natural light into your home while providing a view of the exterior. They also affect your comfort level and utility bills, depending on their energy efficiency. And, most importantly for the topic at hand, windows contribute to your home’s appearance.

When run-of-the-mill window styles simply aren’t good enough, add character with special shape windows.

The size, shape, and quality of your windows affect your home’s curb appeal and impact your daily life more than you probably realize. At Zen Windows Kansas City, we understand this, which is why we install a variety of window shapes to fit your style.

Check out some of the ways you can incorporate custom windows into your home’s unique architecture.

Round & Oval Windows

Oval window with grids just below a home's rooflineIf you’re tired of having rectangular windows all over your house, indulge in unique round and oval windows for a softer, less angular touch to your living space.

These windows look great by themselves, especially on a landing or at the bottom of the stairs. You can even install an oversized round window with a deep sill for the most comfortable window seat you’ve ever experienced!

Half-Circle, Quarter-Circle & Eyebrow Windows

These unique window shapes share one thing in common — they have a flat bottom and rounded top. This makes them ideal transom windows. Transom windows are installed above regular rectangular windows to add visual interest and let in more natural light. They’re popular in entryways, bedrooms, living rooms, home offices, and elsewhere.

Geometric Window Shapes

Home with striking window arrangement including triangular windows

The primary purpose of installing something other than rectangular windows is to emphasize an architectural feature. This is most commonly done in modern homes.

For instance, does your living room have a vaulted ceiling that brings the wall to a point at the top? Why not highlight this with triangular, trapezoidal, or peak pentagon-shaped windows?

Hexagons, octagons, and other custom geometric shapes are also available. Homeowners often install these as stand-alone windows in the bathroom, walk-in closet, loft, or office.

Other Transom Windows

Not all transom windows are half-circle, quarter-circle, or eyebrow-shaped. Others are simply long, thin rectangles made to fit the width of the window below them.

While most special shape windows are fixed, some transom windows operate like hopper or awning windows, allowing you to let in the breeze on a nice day. Transom windows may also feature etched, leaded, stained, or privacy glass for even more visual interest.

Twin Double hung windows on brick house

Arched Windows

If your windows are getting old and need to be replaced, you can add architectural flair by installing new ones with arched tops. This creates an effect similar to adding transom windows. The most popular arched window styles include standard curved arches, custom curved arches, and Gothic arches.

Install Unique Window Shapes in Your Kansas City Home

Are you ready to make your home stand out by installing custom windows? With any shape available in any dimensions you want, the possibilities are endless! Trust Zen Windows to make the experience enjoyable and hassle-free from start to finish.

We’re changing how people buy windows and doors by eliminating down payments and pushy salespeople, offering lifetime warranties, and giving our customers direct access to the owner throughout the project.

We can recommend specialty window shapes for your Kansas City home and take accurate measurements to ensure precise results. Expect superior-quality windows and top-notch services from our installation team for a truly Zen-like experience!

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