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Which Type of Window Is Easiest To Clean?

Woman with curly hair cleaning tall window with blue microfiber clothThe most seemingly simple household chores are also some of the most challenging to get right. Cleaning windows is one of them — it may look easy, but even the most accomplished spring cleaners find themselves overwhelmed by the task.

Fortunately, certain window types are designed to make cleaning much easier on homeowners. If you’re getting ready to install new or replace existing windows, these two window styles both increase curb appeal and make it simpler to keep them looking great inside and out.

Top Window Types That Are Easy To Clean

Getting and maintaining your Kansas City home’s windows is a big job. Happily, most of today’s window manufacturers consider “easy maintenance” when designing windows. Zen Windows offers slider and double-hung windows whose easy-to-clean aspects make them the ideal choice for just about any style of home.

Tilt-In Double-Hung Windows

Tilt sashes make cleaning double-hung windows incredibly fast and easy, as you simply need to:

  1. Remove the screens and then unlock and raise the lower sash a few inches.
  2. Slide the tilt latches inward and pull toward yourself.
  3. Tilt the lower window so it rests on the lower sash.
  4. Lower the upper sash several inches above the lower window and then slide the tilt latches inward while pulling toward you on each side.
  5. Lower the upper sash until it rests on top of the lower sash.

Then you clean each section of glass with your chosen cleaning solution and use a lint-free cloth or squeegee to wipe off the cleaner. Then return the window sashes to their original positions.

Slider Windows: Easy To Use and Clean

While double-hung windows are extremely popular for traditional houses, many homeowners choose sliding windows for modern or contemporary style homes. Sliders also have two sashes, but they slide by each other horizontally.

Cleaning tilt-in sliding windows is just as easy as cleaning double-hung models.

  1. Slide the latches to the open position and slide the sash open slightly.
  2. Push/pull the top and bottom spring-action clips toward each other and tilt the sash inward.
  3. Open the sash fully and repeat with the second sash.

You can now easily clean the inside and outside of your sliders.

Zen Windows: Always the Right Choice

As you can see, double-hung and sliding windows that tilt in are easier to clean than traditional models. And because it’s so simple, you can clean your windows more often. You won’t need to hire a professional service or use a ladder yourself to reach windows on upper floors.

Simple tips to remember when cleaning your windows include:

  • Working on a cooler, cloudy day, so the soapy water and cleaning solution don’t dry as quickly on the windows.
  • Using a clean, lint-free towel or black-and-white newspapers pages to dry the windows completely.
  • Placing a large towel on the windowsill to keep it from getting drenched.

You’ll soon be on your way to getting the maximum amount of natural light and enjoying the lush outdoor views in your Kansas City home!

Zen Windows Kansas City offers three lines of windows to choose from, one of which will be perfect for your home. Precision-built, energy-efficient, and now easier than ever to clean, we make buying replacement windows a joyful experience.

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