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Awning Windows in Kansas City

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What Is an Awning Style Window?

Rain or shine, awning windows bring the light and ventilation of the outdoors into your space. Hinged at the top and opening out from the bottom, these low-maintenance, versatile windows circulate air without exposing the room to any inclement weather.

Awning windows are a good option for controlled natural ventilation and are frequently combined with other window styles. Zen Windows Kansas City is happy to discuss the many options and benefits of our durable, long-lasting awning windows.

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Awning Style Window FAQs

How much do vinyl awning windows cost?

Like most windows, the cost of installing new ones or replacing an old set is going to depend on several factors including the size and type of window being installed. The good news is, Zen Windows Kansas City makes getting a quote for your awning windows easier than ever before. Just fill out an online form to begin the process.

What is a fixed awning window?

A fixed awning window is one designed not to open and close, making it inoperable. Fixed awning windows are great for homeowners who like the style and look of an awning window but don’t require ventilation.

What are windows with cranks called?

Awning windows are a type of window with a crank to control how far they can open and close. There are, however, other types as well, including casement windows, which open vertically.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Awning Windows in My Home?

An awning window’s unique appearance offers advantages that make it stand out among other window options. Some of these benefits include:

  • Adjustable ventilation: With its ability to open and close via a crank, controlling how much (or how little) outside air enters your home is a major advantage.
  • Ability to open during rain: Some windows aren’t able to be used when faced with inclement weather, but since an awning window opens outward and up, it can deflect rainwater and still provide airflow into your home.
  • Non-obstructive operation: When you install an awning window in your Kansas City home, you won’t have to account for making space to open and close the window. Simply turn the crank, and the window opens outward, giving you a great view and extra space.

If an awning window sounds like it would make a great fit in your home, contact the window installation professionals at Zen Windows Kansas City today.

Simple and Accurate Quotes

Schedule Awning Window Installation in the Kansas City Area

Our replacement window company offers three different types of vinyl windows to satisfy homeowners of any budget or home style. The Karma, Nirvana, and Lotus each offer their own features and price points so that we can provide you with your next set of replacement windows no matter your preferences.

  • Karma: Our base model window is a double-pane with fusion-welded sashes and a frame built for durability.
  • Nirvana: The Nirvana is a step above the Karma and offers more features like foam in the frame which increases the window’s insulation and efficiency ratings.
  • Lotus: This triple-pane replacement window is the most efficient type of window we offer. It features all of the advantages you get with the Karma and Nirvana and comes in Ultra S and Solar Ultra S Glass options.

Our window options combined with our dedication to customer satisfaction truly makes us stand out from the crowd. After all, how many other window installation companies offer free quotes, a lifetime warranty, and don’t require a down payment for services?

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